Skirted Gladiator Costume

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Introducing the “Skirted Gladiator Costume” – a mesmerizing journey into the world of ancient warriors. This striking ensemble transports you to the heart of historical battles, allowing you to embody the strength, valor, and timeless allure of a true gladiator.

Designed with meticulous attention to authenticity, our costume captures the essence of these legendary fighters. The skirted design, complemented by faux leather accents and metallic embellishments, pays homage to the iconic gladiatorial attire. Available in a range of sizes, it offers both comfort and a genuine fit for all body types, ensuring you can move with confidence and ease.

The complete set includes the skirt and wrist cuffs, making it perfect for conquering parties, standing out at cosplay events, or partaking in historical reenactments. Whether you wish to make a grand entrance, relive history, or simply embrace your inner warrior, our Skirted Gladiator Costume promises versatility and unforgettable moments.

Embrace the legacy of ancient Rome and step into the shoes of a gladiator with our Skirted Gladiator Costume. It’s not just a costume; it’s a tribute to the indomitable spirit of these legendary fighters. Perfect for Halloween, cosplay, or any occasion where you want to make a powerful statement. Order now and unleash the warrior within!

Waist Size
M: 31.5″/80.5cm
L: 33.5″/85.5cm
XL: 35.5″/90.5cm
XXL: 37.5″/95.5cm
3XL: 39.5″/100.5cm

5 reviews for Skirted Gladiator Costume

  1. Torin (verified owner)

    Wearing men’s skirts is a daily declaration of my support for inclusivity and equality in the fashion world. They’re a stylish and bold statement against conformity.

  2. Oswin (verified owner)

    My men’s lingerie collection reflects my journey of self-discovery and liberation.

  3. Dominic (verified owner)

    I feel proud wearing these underwear, and they’re a great way to support LGBTQ fashion brands.

  4. Anthony (verified owner)

    A game-changer for sure!

  5. Timothy (verified owner)

    Makes everything much smoother.

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